See a Plant Grow!

Series of 8 titles

Introduce your youngest readers to plants and their life cycles with these fun books! See a Plant Grow! shows and tells readers how different plants grow from seeds into the fruits, vegetables, and plants they see every day. Tightly controlled vocabulary, repetitive text patterns, and crisp, colorful photographs work together to create a supportive and engaging reading experience. Each title includes tools for teachers and caregivers as well as introductory nonfiction features such as labels, a table of contents, words to know, and an index. A Let's Review! feature poses a photo and question to help readers review and expand learning on the topic.

Title   GRL Format Qty
Cover: Apple Apple C
Cover: Blueberry Blueberry C
Cover: Corn Corn C
Cover: Maple Tree Maple Tree D
Cover: Pumpkin Pumpkin C
Cover: Sunflower Sunflower C
Cover: Tomato Tomato C
Cover: Watermelon Watermelon D
Interest Level Preschool - Grade 1
Reading Level Preschool
Category Beginning Readers, New!, STEM
Subject Early Concepts, Science and Math
Copyright 2022
Publisher Jump!, Inc.
Imprint Tadpole Books
Language English
Publication Date 2022-08-01
Dewey 583-635
Guided Reading Level C-D
Features Glossary of key words, Index, and Table of contents


SLJ Review of See A Plant Grow!

Showing the transformative visuals from seed to flower to fruit, these reader styled titles seek to introduce early readers to the growth cycles of familiar plants using simple language and vibrant photographs.

Vocabulary is presented at the front and back of each title with photographic clues to help budding readers expand reading comprehension with minimal assistance from adults. As part of a growing cadre of science-focused easy reader titles, these books can be used to connect fledgling readers with similar series for young children excited by the sciences.

VERDICT: Plants are a part of our everyday life from foods in our kitchen to trees in our parks and titles like this can excite young readers while deepening their knowledge of the world they live in.