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Cover: Explore the West

Booklist Review of Explore the West

The U.S. is vast and varied, and here readers are offered a succinct snapshot of the American West. The book opens with a rapid historical overview that touches on the West’s original Indigenous inhabitants, the Louisiana Purchase, the Lewis and Clark expedition, and California Gold… View →

Cover: Cuttlefish

Booklist Review of Science Behind the Colors

The eye-catching Science behind the Colors series uses pigment and patterns as an inroad into studying some of the animal king- dom’s most curiously colorful creatures. Each title is broken into short chapters, with only a few sentences per page, that explain how each… View →

Cover: Angkor Wat

Booklist Review of Whole Wide World

These new books in the Whole Wide World series present exciting destinations around the world to young readers. Each book focuses on one large, famous structure, describing its parts, its construction, and what visitors can see there… Angkor Wat explains how the world’s View →

Cover: Mindful Music and Dancing

Booklist Advance Review Mindful Music and Dancing

This resource-filled guide, part of the Art of Mindfulness series (4 titles), lets kids explore SEL after-reading prompts as well as an View →

Cover: Bee or Wasp?

SLJ Review of Spot the Differences

Engaging animal comparisons are presented in a question-and-answer format. Text provides simple facts about the two animals. Readers examine the accompanying photograph, then try to identify it based on the words and image: “A frog has webbed feet. A toad does not. Which is this?” (Frog… View →

Cover: Science Behind the Colors

SLJ Review of Science Behind the Colors

Photographs in this series showcase the colors of various animals in beautiful detail. Easily understood text explains the causes of and reasons for the colors, such as camouflage, mating display, or even as a warning to enemies. Nonfiction features include labels on the photos, “Did You View →

Cover: Mindful Cooking

SLJ Review of Mindful Cooking

Moving beyond deep breaths and yoga mats, these titles incorporate mindfulness practices into common middle grade activities like dancing and crafting. It is a clever expansion that builds on a secular understanding of mindfulness and its uses in daily activities to boost mental… View →

Cover: Iker's Incredible Immune System

SLJ Review of Let's Look at Body Systems!

Take a look under human skin and explore the fun world of anatomy and physiology with this early chapter series about how systems work in the body. The step-by-step processes take readers through each part of the body and talk about the interconnected aspect of how systems work. The… View →

Cover: Meet the Community Helpers!

SLJ Review of Meet the Community Helpers

Early readers will love to learn about how veterinarians, bus drivers, construction workers, and garbage collectors work hard to serve people and animals in their communities. Each book features common situations associated with each job: Dr. Jenny has a busy day treating animals at her… View →

Cover: Whole Wide World

SLJ Review of Whole Wide World

This series continues to balance information with an eye-catching format, highlighting landmarks around the world. There are about three chapters that are six pages long and contain full-page pictures that accompany short paragraphs throughout. The beginning of each title starts with… View →

Cover: Los perros de búsqueda y rescate (Search and Rescue Dogs)

SLJ Review of Los trabajos de los perros (Dogs on Duty)

Repetition, early words, and simple narrative structure are major strengths in this series about the many service functions performed by working dogs. Herding dogs, military dogs, search and rescue dogs, and service dogs are profiled in these Spanish/English books for early readers who… View →

Cover: Beluga Whales

The World of Ocean Animals

Enter the fascinating realm of sea creatures in the aptly named series, The World of Ocean Animals. Large, gorgeous photos on each spread—plus the occasional map and diagram—draw readers into the ocean habitat and bring them face-to-face with the title animal of each book. Each book’s… View →