Regions of the United States

Series of 6 titles

How many regions does the United States have? Which region has the most populated city in the entire country? Readers will find these answers and more as they learn about the location, geography, history, climate, wildlife, landmarks, cities, and other defining features of America's regions. Real-life photographs take readers on a trip, while a Quick Facts feature lists additional information on each region. Each title includes a table of contents, map, infographic, glossary, index, compelling What Do You Think? sidebars to encourage deeper inquiry, and reading tips for teachers and parents.

Title   GRL Format Qty
Cover: Explore the MidAtlantic Explore the MidAtlantic J
Cover: Explore the Midwest Explore the Midwest J
Cover: Explore New England Explore New England J
Cover: Explore the South Explore the South J
Cover: Explore the Southwest Explore the Southwest J
Cover: Explore the West Explore the West J
Interest Level Grade 2 - Grade 5
Reading Level Grade 2
Category New!
Subject Geography, Social Studies
Copyright 2022
Publisher Jump!, Inc.
Imprint Pogo Books
Language English
Publication Date 2022-08-01
Dewey 974-979
Guided Reading Level J
Features Glossary of key words, Index, and Table of contents


SLJ Review of Regions of the United States

A short series about the various regions of the United States. The books open with ideas for educators and caregivers for before, during, and after reading followed by a table of contents with three to four chapters of varying lengths.

Each region’s history, location, geography, wildlife, and daily life are describe in a short paragraph on a colorblock, bold vocabulary, and corresponding with a captioned picture. Info bubbles appear throughout the text with fun facts and questions for readers to ask themselves, such as “Do you know what plants grow near you?”.

An infographic is used at the end of each title to show the popular industries from each state. The back matter has a quick facts page, glossary, an index, and how to learn more. There is enough information to introduce the states of each region for elementary readers, although some of the color blocks take up a large portion of the page, cutting off pictures in odd places.

VERDICT: A good introduction to the regions of the United States for elementary readers.