Spring 2023

Invasive Species

Series of 8 titles

Invasive Species presents a high-interest STEM introduction to some of the world's most notorious invasive species. Each book highlights the plant's geographical origin, how, why, when, and where it has invaded new areas, and the environmental and economic impact of its invasion. Each book also details its life cycle, appearance, and habitat, especially as they relate to how they've impacted their new ecosystems.

Readers can practice reading informational text while vibrant, full-color photographs draw them in. Each book includes sidebars, an infographic, an activity, an index, a table of contents, and a glossary.

Title   GRL Format Qty
Cover: Asian Giant Hornets Asian Giant Hornets New! Fall 2022 L
Cover: Burmese Pythons Burmese Pythons New! Fall 2022 L
Cover: Cane Toads Cane Toads New! Fall 2022 L
Cover: Emerald Ash Borers Emerald Ash Borers New! Fall 2022 L
Cover: Feral Pigs Feral Pigs New! Fall 2022 L
Cover: Lionfish Lionfish New! Fall 2022 L
Cover: Nutria Nutria New! Fall 2022 L
Cover: Zebra Mussels Zebra Mussels New! Fall 2022 L
Interest Level Grade 2 - Grade 5
Reading Level Grade 2
Category STEM
Subject Science and Math, STEM
Copyright 2022
Publisher Jump!, Inc.
Imprint Pogo Books
Language English
Publication Date 2023-01-01
Dewey 538-635
Guided Reading Level D-L
Features Glossary of key words, Index, and Table of contents