Grades 2 - 5
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Grades 2 - 5

Spring 2024 SEL · Social Studies

The Power of Positivity

Series of 4 titles

What effects can positivity have? With a reader-friendly and interactive approach, The Power of Positivity helps readers understand the mental and physical benefits of positive actions,… More →

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Fall 2023 SEL · Social Studies

SEL Careers

Series of 5 titles

With a reader-friendly and interactive approach, SEL Careers helps readers learn about different career paths within the field of mental health and social and emotional learning (SEL). Each… More →

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Fall 2023 History · Social Studies

Holiday History

Series of 13 titles

How are holidays celebrated around the world? Where did holiday traditions like Christmas trees and Halloween costumes come from? Learn about the history of some of the most celebrated… More →

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Geography · Social Studies

All Around the World

Series of 72 titles

Where in the world can you ride a camel? Or visit gardens filled with bonsai trees? Where might you find the Euphrates River? Each book in All Around the World highlights a specific country… More →

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