Soccer - Let's Play Sports!

Updated on 3 June 2024

Content Areas

soccer sports


Preschool - Grade 1


Skills to Teach
HIGH-FREQUENCY WORDS: ball, blue, go, into,
is, let’s, my, play, red, the, their, this, to, we
CONTENT WORDS: cleats, field, game, goal, good,
kick, net, soccer, team, wear(s), win
PUNCTUATION: exclamation points, periods
WORD STUDY: /k/, spelled c (soccer); long /a/, spelled
ay (play); long /e/, spelled ea (cleats, team); long /o/,
spelled oa (goal); r-controlled vowels (wear)
TEXT TYPE: factual description
Before Reading Activities
• Read the title and give a simple statement
of the main idea.
• Have students “walk” through the book and
talk about what they see in the pictures.
• Introduce new vocabulary by having students
predict the first letter and locate the word in the text.
• Discuss any unfamiliar concepts that are in the text.
After Reading Activities
In the book, the blue team wins. At the end of the book,
members of each team line up. They give the players on the other team high fives. They say, “Good game!” Have any of the readers seen or done this before?
Why do they think the players do this? Talk to
readers about sportsmanship. Explain that
playing sports is about being a team player
and respecting all team players, even those
on the other team.

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