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Title   GRL Format Qty
Cover: All Kinds of Friends All Kinds of Friends (6 titles) Fall 2019
Cover: Building Character Building Character (13 titles) Fall 2019
Cover: Community Helpers Community Helpers (25 titles) Fall 2019
Cover: Construyendo el carácter (Building Character) Construyendo el carácter (Building Character) (13 titles) Fall 2019
Cover: Raptor World Raptor World (6 titles) Fall 2019
Cover: Todo tipo de amigos (All Kinds of Friends) Todo tipo de amigos (All Kinds of Friends) (6 titles) Fall 2019
Cover: Kids Living Green Kids Living Green (4 titles)
Cover: Watch It Grow Watch It Grow (8 titles)
Cover: In the Spotlight In the Spotlight (14 titles)
Cover: Machines and Motion Machines and Motion (6 titles)
Cover: Fiestas (Holidays) Fiestas (Holidays) (9 titles)
Cover: Holidays Holidays (14 titles)
Cover: Money Smarts Money Smarts (5 titles)
Cover: Se inteligente con tu dinero (Money Smarts) Se inteligente con tu dinero (Money Smarts) (5 titles)
Cover: Space Voyager Space Voyager (11 titles)
Cover: Celebrando las diferencias (Celebrating Differences) Celebrando las diferencias (Celebrating Differences) (5 titles)
Cover: Celebrating Differences Celebrating Differences (5 titles)
Cover: Ecosystems Ecosystems (8 titles)
Cover: Your Amazing Body Your Amazing Body (7 titles)
Cover: Animal Classification Animal Classification (6 titles)
Cover: Clasificación animal (Animal Classification) Clasificación animal (Animal Classification) (6 titles)
Cover: Festivals Festivals (5 titles)
Cover: Healthy Living Healthy Living (7 titles)
Cover: Vida sana (Healthy Living) Vida sana (Healthy Living) (7 titles)